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Spontaneous Potter Kidz:
The Unofficial Improvised Parody
Edinburgh Fringe 2022



Spontaneous Potter Kidz: The Unofficial Improvised Parody comes to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!


For four shows only!

An entirely improvised wizarding comedy show, based on your suggestions! Hilarity ensues as games, sketches and entirely new Potter stories are magically improvised on the spot – with live musical accompaniment!


Suitable for kidz aged 5 and upwards! Snape and Dumbledore going on holiday to space? Hermione singing with Ariana Grande? Dobby turning Voldemort into a hamster? Your kidz control the magic!


Note: Spontaneous Potter Kidz is an unofficial show that is not endorsed by or affiliated with Warner Bros., JK Rowling or her publishers. All rights to the Harry Potter books and associated trademarks are the property of JK Rowling/her publishers. All film/image rights associated with the film series are property of Warner Bros.

Dates, Times and Tickets

August 7th, 13th, 21st - 10.30am (1 hour)

August 24th - 3.30pm (1 hour)

Gilded Balloon Teviot - Venue 14

Teviot​ Row House, EH8 9AJ

(August 24th show at Gilded Balloon Museum, Venue 64)

Tickets available here!


Spontaneous Potter will take place at the Gilded Balloon Teviot (Debating Hall) on Bristo Square

Map here!

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